GA Questions asked in RBI Grade B Phase-1 2017

1 G-20 Summit 2017 held in which country? Hamburg, Germany
2 The currency of Kenya? Shilling
3 Berlin is the capital of which Country? Germany
4 BSBDA stands for? Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account
5 Irani Cup is related to which sport? Cricket
6 Who won the title of Sudiraman Cup 2017? South Korea
7 What is the amount Limit in BSBDA per month? 10000

8 The interest rate on Saving account of Paytm Bank? 4%
9 Nomadic Elephant 2 Exercise between Armies of India and which Country? Mangolia
10 International Amateur Boxing Tournament 2017 Venue? Hamburg , organizationGermany
11 Gorakhpur Atomic Power Plant is proposed in which Indian State? Haryana
12 Uday Kotak belongs to which bank? Kotak Mahindra
13 India’s GDP for fourth Quarter? 6.1%
14 Which country opted out of the Paris Climate Convention? United States
15 Headquarter of City Union Bank Ltd? Tamilnadu
16 NHB is regulatorganisation? RBI
17 AIIMS in Assam to come up in which district? Kamrup District
18 Insurance companies to be registered with which organisation? IRDA
19 Second longest Indian Bridge in Bihar is built on which river? Ganga
20 First Indian Woman to climb Everest From China Side? Anita Kundu
21 New president of UN General assembly Miroslav Lajcack is from which country ? Slovakia
22 Under water rail project b/w? Howrah and Kolkata
23 New president of Ireland ? Leo Varadkar
24 Financial literacy week starts from? June 5
25 July 17? International day of justice
26 Theme of no tobacco day 2017? tobacco -a threat to development
27 Amman is the capital of? Jordan
28 Fatehabad district in? Haryana
29 MSF? marginal standing facility
30 Which NBFC became a bank ? IDFC
31 ADB gives loan to PNB of $100 mn. Complete trench is of? $500mn
32 BSE launched paper less SIP for which fund? Mutual Fund
33 NSDL….D stands for what? Depository
34 LTV…..V stands for what? Value
35 Maldives currency? Maldivian rufiyaa
36 Which is not money market instruments? Stock
37 Roger Morre, James Bond, Who died recently from which country? UK
38 Badminton Federation Committee? P V Sindhu
39 ICC top ten ranking? Virat Kohli
40 Limit of payment banks? 100000/-
41 Type of Capital Finance Bank? Small finance bank
42 Forbes list game changer? Mukesh Ambani
43 Which bank is not allowed to take deposit of PMGKY? Cooperative Bank
44 Who is writer of India Year Book 2017? Rajiv Mahrishi
45 Dalong village is recognized as biodiversity heritage site in which state? Manipur
46 HCL table tennis tournament in which city? Pune
47 Alamatti dam is in which state? karnataka
48 Recently, which 2 cities have been granted world heritage site for traffic-
49 A7 aircraft brought from which country? United States
50 Abu Dhabi is the capital city of which country? UAE
51 highest steel producing country? China
52 India’s Navigation GPS to start operations from?
53 In CRAR, A stands for? Assets
54 I in IDFC stands for? Infrastructure
55 Dasari Narayan rao- who was he? Film director
56 Mudra bank lends to?
57 DEEP OCEAN drilling project under which ministry?
58 Most populous city in UN Habitat Index?
59 Freight village?
60 in PAC, what is C? Corrective
61 Dadasaheb Phalke Award won by?- Priyanka Chopra
62 Punjab Gold cheque limit?- 20,000
63 Irani Cup is related to which sport? Cricket
64 Which of the following is not a money market instrument?- Stocks
65 MFIs are regulated by? RBI
66 Author of the book “Mann ki baat- A social revolution on Radio?” – BlueKraft Digital Foundation
67 Sonai Rupai Wildlife sanctuary?- Assam
68 Ease of Doing business index created by? World Bank
69 Group Disha Microfin got which license from RBI? Small Finance Bank
70 Headquarters of Capital Small finance bank? Jalandhar
71 Longest bridge inaugurated in Assam on which river? Lohit
72 Balewadi Stadium is located in which city? Pune
73 T-wallet is launched by which state? Telangana
74 Full Form of LAF? Liquidity Adjustment Facility
75 Darwaja band campaign launched by which department?- Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation
76 Sponsor bank of Indicash ATM? Federal Bank
77 KPS gill who passed away recently was a? IPS officer
78 1st Indian to climb Mount Everest 6 times?- Love Raj Singh Dharmashaktu
79 Max Limit on BSBDA?
80 Which of the following is a debt instrument? Bonds
81 Credit Guarantee Fund for which scheme of PM?
82 Sex ratio according to 2011 census? 940
83 headquarters of International Fertilizer Industry association? – Paris
84 Payment bank does not have the following risk? credit/ operational/ market/ liquidity. Answer is credit
85 Amman is capital of?
86 HQ of shanghai Cooperative Organization? Beijing
87 NBFCs are registered as companies under which act?
88 HK II Michigan Launched by?
89 Full form of SEAC?
90 Full form of AIF?
91 Full form of MSF?
92 Sri Venkateshwara National Park is in?
93 1st electric vehicle launched in Maharashtra in collaboration with which cab company? OLA
94 Puthandu festival is celebrated in which state?
95 Full form of CRAR?
96 Full form of OVD?
97 Asset value of SBI after merger?
98 Older base year of GDP?
99 highest denomination of a coin that can be minted in our country?
100 Range of Prithvi II missile?- 350 kms
101 D Narayana Rao was famous for?
102 Alexander Zverav related to which sport?
103 Kadri Manjunath Temple is located in which state?
104 Pandav Cave is located in which state?
105 Minimum loan amount to which SARFAESI act is applicable?
106 A derivative in which the value is agreed for a later date is called as? Future
107 MOU between India and which country on energy deals? Russia
108 Sri Venkateshwara National Park in which state? Andhra Pradesh
109 Asian Boxing championship venue- Tashkent
110 total advances of SBI after merger? 18.50 lakh crore
111 highest bridge in India is being built on which river? chenab
112 In which category India climbed to 26th rank? Ease of providing electricity
113 25% branches are compulsory where? unbanked rural areas
114 Most crowded cities- Mumbai and Kota
115 Madrid is the capital of? Spain
116 Sponsor of Indicash, India’s first White Label ATM services? Tata Communications Payment Solutions Limited (TCPSL)
117 What is India’s own GPS name? NAVIC

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