How to prepare for IBPS PO 2017

I am providing a very simple strategy as per the latest trend and difficulty level of banking exams.

Starting from now-

Do these before prelims so after prelims you just need to revise it and you can concentrate more on mocks and current affairs at that time. So, spend 4 days without any second thoughts on the above-mentioned topics

Find your weaker areas some of you find Quants difficult some reasoning and some English.

Work hard on your weaker areas because from this year, there is individual time for each section so you need to perform well in each of them.

Now coming to Reasoning Section, There is a change of trend and IBPS is asking a lot of puzzles that too of high level. Some might find it difficult and time-consuming. Don’t take this in a negative way like I am not good in puzzles and It’s too difficult. Just remember the questions will be same for all the candidates if any one of them can solve the puzzles then so do you.

I am sharing some good puzzles here so go through them, It will help you in both prelims as well as in the main examination.

Some of them are not having solutions, you can ask me about the correct solution.

Some other reasoning stuff-

Quants Section

Data Interpretation(DI) plays most important role in this section because 50% questions will be from various types of DI’s. You can master DI only by practice and there are no shortcuts.

Some DI practice questions:

For other miscellaneous topics, you can refer to Unacademy videos, they are very short and explanatory.

English Section

Daily read editorials from The Hindu or any other leading newspaper and look for new the meaning of new terms in the dictionary, this will help you build a good vocabulary.

Daily solve 1 reading comprehension in 5–7 minutes, not more than that.

Clear your basic grammar concepts.

Now for Current Affairs part, follow Bankersadda or Gradestack GK capsule before the exam, Start current affairs only after prelims if you don’t like to follow newspaper daily. Till prelims complete all the other sections so that after prelims you left only with current affairs and the revision of computer, banking awareness and static gk part.

Also, solve all the daily quizzes from bankersadda and gradestack, this will help you boost your confidence

For prelims strategy, you can refer here- Preparation Strategy for IBPS PO Prelims

Those who are working find at least 3 hours daily for preparation and those who are not working should devote at least 5-6 hours daily.

Online Mock Tests are very important to crack this exam as it will help you in time management during the actual exam and you will be able to find out in which area you are lacking.

Solve at least 15 mocks for prelims and 10 for the main examination.

Feel free to contact for any doubt.

All the best.

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