RBI Grade B Phase 2- 2017 Recollected Questions

  1. Gender inequality index India’s rank
  3. Dairy processing fund in budget
  4. Which country has withdrawn from Paris COP
  5. Corporate governance committee
  6. MGNREGA ministry??
  7. rte act passed when
  8. India’s growth in Last quarter of FY 2016-17
  9. Eye contact termed as
  10. What is haptics
  11. Transformational/transactional leaders
  12. Morale
  13. Decision making 1st step
  14. Job description mean
  15. Job analysis 1st thing
  16. WACC calculation
  17. Capital requirement calculation both basel and rbi
  18. Future calculation
  19. Which is not off exchange
  20. Public debt can be solved by
  21. Mbo also known as
  22. Participative leader
  23. Zero coupon bonds 3 que
  24. Discount rate problem
  25. Components of HDI
  26. Rule of 72 one numerical
  27. Maternity benefit
  28. Committee to provide credible employment data- Arvind panagriya committee
  29. Women participation in workforce
  30. Sdg goals n targets
  31. ASEAN summit
  32. The Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojana merged with jawahar gramin samridhi yojana
  33. Capital acc convertibility
  34. MPC committee detail
  35. Numerical based on crar and RBI prescribed crar and Basel two norms
  36. Global gender gap index India 0.683
  37. A bank has CRAR of 11.5% for capital of 230, 000 crs, calculate the minimum capital required as per Basel 2 and RBI requirement for Basel 2
  38. Ease of doing business published by
  39. Indicators of Globalisation as per IMF in 2000
  40. Report by UNCTAD
  41. CAREC established by
  42. GDP projection for FY 2018-19 by oaris based think tank
  43. BARS full form
  44. Types of non-verbal communication
  45. Goal setting theory
  46. Paralanguage in communication
  47. Name of Eye related non verbal communication
  48. A balance sheet was given in which they asked if it is financially acceptable or not.
  49. Bond’s Present value, annuity
  50. Time Value Money
  51. A passage was given which stated a particular percentage for India’s growth (by a Paris-based org.) and they asked the candidate to calculate India’s growth by 2018.
  52. Monetary Policy: Members, years
  53.  SECC rural household
  54. A person invests in a share of Rs 400 after one month sold at rs 440.
    If he invests in future of the same share with 20% margin money and sells the same after one month… What will be the percentage gain for both.
  55. CEZ of niti vision
  56.  Stock bought at Rs 45.. Dividend received Rs 5….sold at Rs 85..Whats is the rate of return
  57. 2 questions on adolescent like sahel mobile app
  58. 3 year draft document by NITI Aayog, 7 yrs and 15 yrs long term.
  59.  FIPB related.
  60. 1 question on upi
  61. One on difference between small and payment banks
  62. Bruntland commission
  63. Approval of fdi in how many days
  64. 1 question on Rashtriya Kishore swastha yojana
  65.  hriday which city not included answer aurangabad
  66. Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangh
  67. FSDC “D” stands for?
  68. One question on demutualization
  69.  Info exchange with switzerland
  70.  IIP base year
  71. path goal theory was given by
  72. Assumption in internal rate of return… Reinvestment related
  73. Definition of an annuity
  74. Fintech Peer to Peer lending
  75.  Difference between primary and secondary market
  76. Sysematic risk coefficient
  77. Reduction in import quotas
  78. population affected with water crisis
  79. Capital budgeting numerical/cash flow

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