RBI GRADE B Phase 2 Booklist

Phase 2 for this year is over. Now there are some aspirants who will get through this year and some old and many new aspirants will start preparing for next year.

RBI has already recommended a series of books for this examination but many aspirants who are from non-commerce non-eco background find it difficult to understand such high-level books.

As per the latest exam held, I am sharing which book you must follow for this exam.

For Economic & Social Issues :

  • Indian Economy – Ramesh Singh 
  • Indian Economy – Uma Kapila 
  • Indian Economy Key Concepts -Shankar Ganesh
  • The Indian Economy- Sanjiv Verma 

Choose any 1 of the above and read it thoroughly.

  • Social Problems in India- Ram Ahuja 

For Finance & Management :

40% Finance Static Portion is already covered in Ramesh Singh or Shankar Ganesh.

  • Indian Financial System – Bharti V Pathak
  • Indian Financial System – M Y Khan 

Choose any 1 of the above.

For basics of the numerical portion, you can refer to class 12th NCERT Accountancy or any other Accounts Reference book.

  • JAIIB-Accounting and Finance for Bankers (For numerical on bonds and capital budgeting)
  • Principles of Management- P C Tripathi

Read Yojana magazine regularly as it will help in essay writing.

You should practice at least 1 essay weekly.

I will be covering topics from the following books/material:

  • Indian Economy- Ramesh Singh
  • Indian Financial System – Bharti V Pathak
  • JAIIB-Accounting and Finance for Bankers
  • Financial Management- Prasanna Chandra 
  • CAIIB-Advanced Bank Management
  • CAIIB-Bank Financial Management
  • CAIIB-Human Resource Management
  • CAIIB-Risk Management
  • NSE NCFM modules

The static portion will be covered first, topics which include data from Union Budget and Economic Survey will be covered in March 2017.

Depending upon the response, weekly essay topics may be provided and aspirants can help each other by reviewing.

Suggestions are welcome, you can contact me directly. Feedback will be appreciated.

Amazon list for all books:

Price: INR 190.00
Was: INR 200.00
Price: INR 570.00
Was: INR 750.00
Price: INR 490.00
Was: INR 599.00
Price: INR 402.00
Was: INR 440.00
Price: Check on Amazon
Price: INR 275.00
Was: INR 300.00
Price: INR 285.00
Was: INR 300.00
Price: INR 424.00
Was: INR 450.00
Price: Check on Amazon
Price: INR 280.00
Was: INR 795.00
Price: INR 701.00
Was: INR 929.00



20 thoughts on “RBI GRADE B Phase 2 Booklist

  1. Sir, i want to be a RBI Grade B officer and need your support in this journey. I will eligible for next year’s RBI exam.
    As per your post, i haven’t bought any book and simply wait for all your post.
    So, I kindly request you to post each and every articles related to RBI Grade B exam 2017, in a “systematic way” so that i could co-relate them easily without any hassle.
    Thanks Sir….for this wonderful initiative.
    Thanks once again. 🙂

      1. No, It’s not enough.
        You have to go through recent gov schemes and current affairs also.

  2. Noble work Sir.
    I am a software engineer aspiring to become an RBI officer.
    Planning to start my preparations for next year.
    This would of great help.

    Thanks in Advance

  3. “Accounting and Fin for Bankers” and “Principle and Practice of banking” is this book by “N.S. Toor” or “IIBF”??

  4. And can you please tell the aspirants about how to cover finance numericals portion. I mean which chapters from which book?

  5. Thank you so much for the precise write up. I am currently a banker and an RBI Gr B aspirant. Have wasted my 5 chances and the last one remains. Dunno what fate has in store, but your strategies have boosted my confidence. I am again on my way to the preparation. Wish could crack the exam in my final attempt.Keep up the noble work Sir.

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